Thanks for stopping by!

Hi there, welcome to my new website called VDVEXPO . I hope to share our adventures of renovating our 25-year-old 2-story home in Surrey, B.C.

I hope to provide others that are undertaking this journey some insight into how we make decisions, save money, and (hopefully) keep our sanity along the way. We are on a limited budget as any family that is buying a home in the Lower Mainland these days can likely understand – so every dollar spent has to be well thought out. Unfortunately – I have already made a BUNCH of bad decisions with materials, trades, timing, and the list goes on – that is a big part of the reason for starting this blog – if it helps a few people avoid some of the pitfalls we have encountered I’ll consider our job done – we’re just trying to pay it forward here!

I’ll be doing my best to update regularly, but balancing work, renos , kids, and dog can at times be a challenge. Check back in tomorrow and we’ll see what we should tackle first.