About Me

Hey – thanks for check out our site. This is a family affair and the whole purpose of this site it to pay it forward to others and share some of our experience. We have learned a lot throughout our ongoing renovation saga. Especially what not to do. If you don’t educate yourself on the various trades and how things should be done you are setting yourself up to be taken advantage of – and pain, lots of pain. Likewise, if you don’t have a strategy to maintain harmony in the house despite the huge disruption that a reno can entail you will be in for pain – yes lots of pain. We figure we’ve made most of the mistakes so hopefully, you won’t have to go through as much as we have and after renovating for a year it feels like we’re old pros. We laugh when a contractor tries to take advantage now – but we only know about it because we’ve been bitten (at least once) before.

The most important thing we have learned is to maintain a sense of humor about everything that comes your way – especially the stuff that’s already done. Hope you enjoy this blog – and good luck on your own journey.