Top 5 Reasons to call an Emergency Plumber

What would any of us do without a good, clean supply of water in our homes? Although overlooked in most homes, plumbing remains one of the most sought after services around the world. If you’ve been getting by each time with your own fix only to be hit by the same crisis again, here’s when you should be calling an emergency plumber for a good, permanent fix:


  1. A Leaking Tap


How well can you sleep with the sound of a dripping faucet in your bathroom? A leaky faucet is also the cause of a hefty water bill (not to mention a massive water waster). When you close a faucet, rubber or silicone joints inside them form a watertight seal that prevents water from flowing through. Over time, these joints may harden, tear or move, which can cause small leaks.


If the left untreated, the valve seat can bend or corrode, thus increasing the size and cost of work required. Thus calling a professional plumber immediately is the only solution to fix a leaking tap.


  1. Low Water Pressure


A thin stream of water basically represents low water pressure. A common cause is the accumulation of limescale inside the aerators of the faucet. The water in the pipes carry dissolved mineral substances that eventually settle on metal surfaces. If you do not have a filtration system, these deposits will find themselves on the faucet or shower heads, clogging holes and reducing water flow.


An easy way out is to simply clean these accessories( try CLR). If you still experience problems, you may well find yourself in a complex situation. A rupture in the pipelines that supply water to your home is an emergency that requires the intervention of a professional plumber.
leaky toilet picture

  1. Leaking Toilets


Tired of operating that age old, rusty flush rod? Perhaps it’s time to replace the internal organs of the tank. But first, try looking for calcium deposits in the basin that could prevent the accurate positioning of the components.


You could also be a victim of a silent leak in your toilet. To verify, just pour a few drops of liquid coloring agent in the tank and wait for about twenty minutes. Now, observe the bowl to locate any signs of coloring. If the water at the bottom of the bowl is colored, then you have a leak. Time to pick up the phone!


  1. Defective Pipes


Finding puddles under your pipes can be a nuisance. Leaks usually occur at the joints and replacing a seal under a sink is not usually a difficult repair. Having said that, let’s not forget about all that dirt that might escape during the dismantling process. Often, these kind of DIY (Do It Yourself) repairs are temporary and you will have to consider replacing defective pipes through a professional plumber.


  1. Blocked Ducts


You might be experiencing an uneven flow of water due to a partially blocked piping system. Unclogging isn’t an easy job as the caps are often made of unhealthy biological materials that exhume an objectionable odor. Chemical cleaners can sometimes do the trick;.but can worsen the situation in the event of a total closure. Products that are soda based can also damage your pipe when used too often. Calling a pro might be your only way out!


Let’s keep it simple. Plumbing problems lead to serious wastage of water every year. An emergency plumber will not only provide you a quick fix but will also save you loads of headaches and do the environment a favour. The next time you see a glitch, call your trusted emergency plumber right away!