How to avoid non-reputable household removal company

Moving house is a big step, which requires a lot of planning, preparation and time. Even if you have your own vehicle, it would be too complicated to move the household items yourself, especially the heavy and large ones such as beds, wardrobes and the like. This is why most people decide to hire a removals company when they move home, and it is also one of very serious steps which you should take seriously. There are many removals companies in the UK, offering removals within one city, from one city to another or from UK to another country. However, some of them may be fraudulent and hiring them can cost you a lot of money, cause a lot of stress and make the removal unpleasant. In order to avoid hiring a dishonest company, make sure to follow the tips we will give you in this article.

Look for Recommendations

First of all, ask your friends for recommendations, if any of them have moved recently. If not, you can always use the Internet to look for removals companies. Type the keywords of the service and your place of living and go through the companies in the online results. Look for their specifications, contact and recommendations. If the company’s website does not provide a sufficient number of information and if they do not state the address, contact information and information about license and insurance, consider it as a warning sign and try looking for another company. You can also browse through forums where you can read other people’s experiences with certain removals companies.

Ask few simple questions


When you call a removals company, they should answer the phone with the name of the company. Another warning sign is answering the phone with unspecified expression such as “Moving Company” or “Movers”, and if it happens when you make a call, make sure to take extra caution. What you should also know that a reputable and professional removal company will determine the weight and the size of your belongings on the spot and estimate the price based on it. If a company representative wants to do the estimate over the phone, make sure to avoid such a company, because that kind of estimate is unrealistic and even impossible.

Then, when the estimator visits your home, he should ask you about what you plan to move and what you plan to leave, in order to make a plan what goes in the truck and estimate the price. If the estimator starts counting everything in without asking you, it is not something you want from a removals company.

Schedule a meeting

In order to check the company yourself, you can schedule the meeting in the very company, where you can pay attention to the details of their business. If their offices are in poor condition as well as their warehouses, it is a clue that you should try another company. Also, if they do not have vehicles with their company name, but unmarked moving trucks, it is a sign that this company should be avoided.

Moving is not done every day, so make sure to be patient and careful when choosing a removals company, in order for the moving to make fast, pleasant and successful.