Home Improvement Tips-Create Your Very Own Illusion Mirror

You’ve probably seen it before but never dared to start a project as complicated as that before. But the thing is that it’s actually not that complicated to create one. All you need is the right material, tools, and lots and lots of patience. This is a great way to work on the aesthetics and improve your home interior. There are many things that you can create, but if you love mirrors, you’ll most definitely love this accessory.

Gather The Materials.

Now to start let’s see what you need to acquire of materials. You will need: one mirror, one equally sized glass, a thin film, glass cleaner, scalpel, led lights and a wooden frame that matches the mirror’s dimensions. Now that you have everything in front of you, you can finally start. Take the glass cleaner and make that mirror shine, do the same with the glass. Now here comes the tricky part, you need to open the thin film. We have the smartest solution- use duct tape. First approximately carve the shape of the glass. Then place it on a flat surface and use duct tape to stick it to that surface from the backside. Now use duct tape again to unpeel the thin film layer starting from edges.

Applying the Thin Film.

Here comes another tricky part, you need to distribute the film equally on the surface. For this use soapy water and any credit card or silicon scraper. Start from one side and make sure that you apply enough of soapy water inch by inch, before scraping the air pockets out. This is extremely important part, and the whole project might fail if you don’t do this one properly. So make sure that you are paying attention and that you don’t miss out on any air pocket. They will make your black mirror unrealistic and add curves to the reflection, and you don’t want that. Following these steps finish merging thin film with the glass. Now that the surface is smooth, precisely carve the edges.

Grand Finale.

Now all you need to do is to connect all the pieces together. Get the frame and place the LED lights inside following each side of the frame. After you’re done, make a small gap on the material of the frame where you can pull through the LED lights tape. Now all you need to do is place both the mirror and the thin film glass on each side of the frame, but facing each other. And voila it’s done. You have your very own illusion mirror.