Welcome to Vote All Your Values

This is Vote All Your Values – a place to share how you “vote”. Why the quotation marks? Well, not every vote is cast in a voting booth or by filling out a ballot – in fact, that is the rarest type of voting we do. Our view of voting is that it is something that you do each and every day. How do you spend your time, what is getting the lion’s share of your mind space, how are you spending your money, are you supporting local business or a multinational conglomerate.

We aren’t here to judge how anybody votes – what we are encouraging is that you approach all of these voting opportunities in your life with open eyes, not on auto-pilot. Are you voting for health or sickness? I know this seems like a silly question, but when you make a decision to have a workout over having beer and pizza you are clearly casting that vote.

We’re not sure exactly what form this blog is going to take over time. Given the timing of where we are with the US election it might seem obvious to comment on the ongoing circus that is US politics but frankly, that seems a little boring. We are more interested in the daily votes that lead to a happier life. We are interested in promoting those people and businesses in our community that are making a difference.

My vote for the day: a vote for happy chickens, breakfast today is a 3 egg omelet with eggs from a family farm . Price of a dozen eggs is less than I would pay at the grocery store although I had to drive a bit to get to the farm.