A Feast is Enough

Have you ever heard this quote? I’m not sure where it originated but I was introduced to it via Mary Poppins!

I love this quote as it stands in direct contrast to my voracious appetite for “more”. I can say with certainty that I am addicted to a sense of security and I seek to satisfy this addiction by accumulating more (typically money).

It seems completely normal to me to give up time with my kids to work on a side project so that I can give them the things and opportunities that I did not have growing up. I know on an intellectual level that living for the future is ridiculous as I will never exist anywhere/anytime but right now. I’m not saying don’t plan ahead- do the things you need to do today and tomorrow will pretty much take care of itself (at least that’s what I’ve found). I really struggle with this, how to balance work/life. I have a feeling that thinking my way through it won’t work – something more radical is called for, a shift in being (I was going to say thinking, but that’s what got me into this mess in the first place. How can I make a conscious decision to be present? To not worry so much about accumulating money?

If anybody has any answers I’m all ears. Just for right now, my Vote for the Day: let go of chasing money and spend some time with my girls, they’re only going to be little for a short time – accumulating more money can wait.