DIY Plumbing Tips

When it comes to water installations, you need to know a couple of things before you start messing it up by trying to be a plumber. A special course of education is taken in order to learn everything there is to learn about plumbing. followed by an apprenticeship – I was fortunate to train with Langley Plumbers. It’s not nuclear science, but not everyone can do it. So if you are ready to take notes start by getting a pen and a paper before continuing.

Make Your Own Installation.

Did you know that you can make your own water installation in the bathroom, garage or any other room that requires water? With the right tools and knowledge you can do just about anything. To start, you’ll need a couple of plastic pex pipes, a plastic heater and connectors. Once you got everything in front of you start by making a sketch of the pipe layout. Start with the main water pipe, and start building you pex pipe water installation. It’s basically like putting the pieces in a puzzle so as long as you get the right angle you’ll be fine.


Running Toilets.

Most annoying thing next to leaky pipes, and low pressure showering, is the running toilet. It seems that no matter how you adjust float it the water keeps running. It’s actually quite easy to fix this problem, but you need to check possible cause of the problem first. There are three possible causes to your problem. The first one may involve pulling the string to hard. So this shouldn’t be hard to fix just remove the lid and open your toilet tank and adjust the float so that the water level is in line with it. Another solution may involve that you float is broken and needs to be replaced. The third cause to running toilet problem may be the pressure itself, so check the valve for the toilet and adjust it.

Water Heater.

Your water heater isn’t working? You should actually skip this one and let a professional electrician do it. What you can do is that you can check whether the light bulb that indicates whether when it’s on and off is working. This way you can save a lot of money and make it easier for whoever comes to fix your problem. If the light is the problem than you should just replace it and everything should be fine, if not, well you’ve got a heater problem.