Why should you clean your drains?

Why write an article about clean drains? With all of the myriad topics one could choose to write about you might be wondering how I ended up choosing this one. Well, plumbing happens to be near and dear to my heart ( been in the business for 18 years), and dirty drains are something I see on a daily basis.

Over the last 15 years, homeowners have become increasingly able to handle routine and not-so-routine jobs around the house. With the proliferation of home renovation shows these days it seems folks are able to maintain their homes better than ever. The one exception to this (there’s probably more than one, but you get the point) is drain cleaning – most people don’t have either the equipment or expertise to manage this on their own. If you live in Langley you should call Langley Plumbers to get your drains cleaned professionally   – but I’m guessing the VAST majority of you out there don’t so I’m going break down a list of reasons to call a pro to assist.

So why clean your drains?

1. The Stench–  the most embarrassing symptom of a fouled drain is the smell. This will often be an early indicator that we have a problem. Typically worse in warm months than in cooler seasons. If this gets bad enough it can actually pose a real hazard. Although extremely rare – methane explosions have occurred in the past when a homeowner has let this problem fester too long.

2. Pipe and Drain Damage. If drains are not cleaned, it can lead to permanent damage that could potentially require re-piping. So how often should you be cleaning your pipes? Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer to this as it depends upon a number of factors. The first thing to consider is how is the particular sink/drain being used. Is it in the shower (lots of hair), in the kitchen (potentially lots of grease), or in a little-used bathroom? Are you being diligent about flushing the drain with hot water regularly, and being careful of what goes down the drain? These and many more factors come into play when considering how often your drains need cleaning. One rule of thumb I can give is that if you’re moving into a new place – have a good look at the drains, and call a plumber to have a look. It might seem like overkill to pay a plumber $100 to just come over and do a quick inspection but it could save you $1000’s down the road.

3. Clogged Drains. The most obvious reason to maintain your drains is to prevent a clog. Lots of damage can occur if a drain isn’t maintained properly and clogged drains are one of the most easily preventable plumbing problems. Beware really corrosive drain cleaners – they can cause permanent damage and are horrible for the environment. Just remember to flush your drains with hot water regularly and don’t put stuff in the drain that doesn’t belong there. Of course, accidents happen – if that’s the case call your plumber and he/she can often advise over the phone if a home visit is necessary or not.

Drain Cleaning may not be the sexiest DIY project out there and I highly doubt we’ll be seeing a drain cleaning themed show (Drain Diva’s anyone?) anytime soon but nonetheless your drains shouldn’t be ignored. Make sure you keep ’em clean and you should have years of trouble free enjoyment!

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